About xpatiate.com

Small, faith based web design and hosting company, focusing on empowering others to maintain their own web pages.

The Dream:

The Lord has spoken to me through dreams many times. In one particular dream, I was leading Worship in a large auditorium. The words to the songs were displayed on a screen in the back of the room. As we were singing, the words were replaced with:

expatiate Jesus

I became confused, forgot the words to the song I was leading and sat down on the stage, unable to continue.  The dream skipped from there to a break in the service, where I was walking around greeting people in the crowd. I met an older gentleman, who explained he was a retired worship leader and would like to lead worship one last time. However, since I didn’t know him or his beliefs, I couldn’t allow him on the stage so I politely responded with a “I’ll see what I can do.”

I woke up, perplexed, as I didn’t even know what “expatiate” means, so I quickly looked it up in the dictionary:

expatiate: to speak or write at length or detail

My father was a retired pastor and frustrated because he had no place to minister and no longer felt needed. So I created a site called “xpatiate.com” similar to YouTube – for retired ministers to share their testimonies. When he passed away in 2009, I took the site down and tried to forget about it.

Recently, I’ve had several people ask for help with various web sites, so I decided to bring xpatiate.com back online, learn the new basics of web design, and create quality web sites for my friends.

Perhaps, one day, I’ll return to the retired minister testimony pages, designed to help build faith in the suffering and provide an opportunity for retired ministers to continue to share.